Coral Reef Sailing
Sea Base, FL

Crew 2555, Columbus, IN

● Mild    $$$$
July 2013, 8 days

Fascinating Facts:

Days At Sea: 5

One Day on base midweek for
base activities

Completed Kodiak Challenge
Leadership Course

"Fellowship and team building
while being the crew for a week."

Venturing Crew 2555 took six Scouts, two adults leaders, and a captain on a sailing trip at Sea Base High Adventure Camp in Islamorada, Florida. The trip covered 7 days including 5 days at sea. They traveled aboard a 47' sailboat, fishing and snorkeling through 8 coral reefs in the Florida Keys. During the trip they were able to observe wildlife in its own habitat, sharks, stingrays, barracudas, turtles, and thousands of fish. The Scouts have an active role in crewing the boat. This includes steering, navigating, and managing both sails and ropes. The final night was on base and included a Luau with great food, games, skits, and relaxation with other crews.

The trip also included a day on base midweek for paddle boarding, and small boat sailing. The crew members had the opportunity to earn the special recognition Captain's Club award and Duty to God patches during the trip.

The trip required a flight to Miami and a one day drive down to the Florida Keys on either side of the trip. The crew used this additional time to tour Ft. Lauderdale and to complete a service project.
Once Scouts arrive at Sea Base, meals are provided on base and on the boat, although preparation was required of the crew on the boat. Snorkeling and fishing gear was provided by the Scout base. Non-essential gear was locked up onshore during the trip.

In this environment, water safety is a must. Snorkeling certification and swim tests were completed prior to leaving shore. The boats is regularly in radio communication with the base and other vessels, monitoring the weather and making sure everyone is accounted for.

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